Troubleshooting Your Food Tracking

So you've jumped on the bandwagon and have been faithfully using My Fitness Pal. (If you haven't, check out this blog post on whether this is a good idea for you or not.) You track every morsel that goes in your mouth. You've experienced the initial shock and awe of how much sugar/sodium/fat is in the food that you were eating, and you've made some great changes as a result. Everything was going so well - the pounds started coming off and you were feeling great about this whole tracking thing. But then something strange happened - the results stopped. You reached the dreaded...PLATUEAU! Say it isn't so! Is this is? Is that the extent of your results? While it can be frightening when

Eating Healthy for the Lazy Person at Costco!

Disclaimer: Are you easily offended by food in packages? Do you believe that edible food should only contain one ingredient? Or only be purchased at overpriced stores that start with whole and end with foods? If so, please read no further. But if you are like me, super busy, sometimes a little lazy in the cooking department, but still committed to eating healthfully and not going broke while doing so, please read on! Full disclosure: one of my favorite guilty pleasures is walking around Costco. I don't necessarily go for anything. I just like to meander, checking out the office supplies (I have a love affair with Post-Its and Command products), browsing through the bargain books, oh ye

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