Ditch the Scale? What Research (and a Trainer) Say about Weighing for Weight Loss

DISCLAIMER: This post may be controversial to some. Please read on and understand that what I am saying is intended for individuals who need to lose scale weight in order to improve their health. It may be helpful to others who have dealt with yo-yo dieting or unsuccessful weight loss. You've heard it before, Ditch the scale! Don't be a slave to the scale! Muscle weighs more than fat, so don't worry what the scale says! Just pay attention to the mirror! Etc etc etc. So if you're trying to lose scale weight, should you pay attention to what the scale says? This is a really loaded issue and sure to be fraught with some controversy. Ultimately, you are the executor of your own body - y

The Secret to Fitness Success: You Gotta Want It

I am going to share with you a trainer secret - all of my clients see me because they want to get something out of their training. Big secret, right? I say this a little tongue in cheek, but I don't really have any clients who come to me to chit-chat for 60 minutes while doing a couple of squats (I just try to be good at making it seem that way). ;) Everyone has a goal of some sort, and my most important job is knowing what that goal is. But here's the thing: While everyone has a goal, not everyone has a motivator. What the heck does this mean? If you have a goal, you're motivated, right? WRONG. Making goals is super easy. I have a goal this year to pay off my car. There, that was

Why "Eating Better" Doesn't Work: The Truth About Diets and Weight Loss

Happy New Year! January 1st seems as good of time as any to discuss what is on the minds of many this day - weight loss and dieting, and I want to give it to you straight. Gyms are getting ready to lure you in with irresistable specials on memberships, retailers are placing all of the vitamins, weight loss shakes, and fitness equipment on sale, and online distributors are looking to sell you workout subscriptions and stomach wraps galore. You'll also hear people these days talk about "body positivity" and being happy at any size. Don't get me wrong, I think this is wonderful! I never think that anyone should be shamed (or shame themselves, for that matter) for not being at society's or th

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