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"I have worked with Sarah on a weekly basis for about two years.  When we started, I was a fitness novice who had never even been to a gym.  Now, regular exercise has become an unexpected hobby which I greatly enjoy.  During our time together, I have lost both weight and waist, as well as gained in strength and stamina.  Sarah’s first priority was to encourage me to make healthier eating choices.  She knows nutrition inside and out and will gently teach you what to eat and what to avoid.  Eating better, combined with frequent exercise resulted in my losing almost twenty pounds and two pant sizes in six months.  Sarah carefully selected personalized routines to build my lower body and upper body strength.  Sarah understands all the equipment and how to properly use it.  She will patiently teach you the correct techniques so you can confidently exercise on your own.  Further, she frequently varies the routines so I never get bored and my body never stagnates.  Sarah has also helped me with cardio training.  Under Sarah’s guidance I built up my endurance to running a distance of 10 kilometers.  We have also focused on speed and agility training, and I have made great strides in these areas.In short, you can’t do any better than to work with Sarah.  She is a really nice person who knows her stuff and is passionate about helping you meet your goals.  She helped me and I am sure she can help you too."

Bill C.


“Since working with Sarah in our twice a week sessions, I've had measurable and visible improvements in my body, shape, posture, balance, ​and muscle strength.  I really appreciate how Sarah changes our routine so that all the muscle groups are challenged.  I've lost inches, pounds, and quite a bit of "jiggle" in my arms, legs, and butt.  As a middle-aged person, I'm also grateful for the decreased joint pain and improved core strength."

Susan F.


"Sarah has been a pleasure to have as my trainer.  Her dedication to her craft is apparent throughout the training and exercise.  She is always making sure to help guide in the correct form and also comfort to ensure the process is an enjoyable one.

I especially love the fact that she  helps explain the exercise, what muscles it will effect and the proper form.  She is always listening and checking to make sure the exercise is understood and that it may be strenuous, but not painful.

I truly feel that she cares a great deal for her clients well being and progression as well as the art of fitness.  It is a treat to be able to train with her."

Sherri P., Detroit Athletic Club


"Sarah came into my life in February 2015.  I wanted to lose weight and get fit and I knew I would need help in this journey.  Since working with Sarah, to date I have lost 21.4 pounds and many inches off my body.  So far my journey has been a success, but it was not always easy at at times my goals seemed impossible to reach, but Sarah believed in me and with that, made a believer out of me.  As we work together each week, Sarah encourages, pushes, and motivates me to try new exercises and do my best.  Sarah comes to my house to work with me and that brings a few challenges, but she always finds ways to use the space for the workout of the week.  With her it's not about having fancy equipment, but more about the drive to do your personal best!  Weight loss success is not about the quick results but about changing your exercise and eating habits and Sarah has shown me piece by piece that with small changes and dedication, that I can be successful and continue to succeed on my fitness journey.  To date, I can run 3 miles, have gained strength and have seen the results of my hard work, none of which would have occurred without the dedication of Sarah.  Sarah is not only my trainer, she is my friend and she truly cares about my health and fitness and this shows through the week when she sends me messages just wanting to check in and see how much progress is going.  I know I can count on Sarah to be on time for our workouts and she is always prepared."

Heidi M.


"I have been working weekly with Sarah for almost a year. I started with Sarah for accountability in maintaining a healthy and realistic exercise schedule.  Sarah has introduced me to a variety of exercises and work-out regiments that I have been able to incorporate into my own schedule. Sarah constantly provides upbeat and enthusiastic support, as well as really taking the time to craft personalized exercise sessions to help me work toward my goals."

Kelly L.

"I wanted to thank you for helping me get back on track with my fitness and for teaching me how to be mindful about what I eat. My weight loss is amazing 😉 and I don’t think I could have stayed focused if I didn’t have you along the way. My weight this morning was --- and I could not be happier. I can really see the difference in my clothes and I feel so much better than before. My ultimate goal is to weight --- and get more toned. I’m sure I can reach this by keeping in mind what you taught me."

Eunice H.

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