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Are you looking for a flexible plan that allows you flexibility and doesn't require food tracking or a great deal of meal planning?  Are you on the go frequently and don't have time for lots of meal preparation?  

This plan is designed for individuals who are interested in achieving weight (fat) loss but who do not want to track their food or struggle with adherence in tracking.  It is also for individuals who do not want to feel deprived and want flexibility to be able to enjoy favorite foods or even dine out.  It is also great for individuals who do not enjoy or feel they have the time for lots of food preparation, as shakes take only a minute or two to make.  It is also good for individuals who are on the run a lot and need portable, easy to consume food.  In general, the plan consists of using two shake meals per day and one “regular” meal per day.  The shakes can be used for any meal, and the “regular” meal can be taken at any time.

Flexible Dieting Plan

  • This is a digital booklet in PDF.

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